What sets us apart from the competition

Interior design is about much more than simply making rooms stylish and attractive. It is about fulfilling the true potential of a space and enhancing our living experience.

Our Passion

Committing to the highest level with Passion

At Calibre, we are passionate about interior design and we see it as an expression of creativity and potential which is the only language which transcends barriers and speaks uniformly to everyone. We specialise in classic and contemporary kitchen design, restoring and renovating houses or creating completely something new based on ideas given by you.

What we bring to the Table

Interior design as an Art not an Architecture.

If you desire a retro look or an artsy kitchen or a theme based home, the professional interior designing team at Calibre will ensure that you get your perfect dream interiors. We polish your dreams by adding an innovative elegance and aesthetic awareness and bring a beautiful result to your table.

Our Working Model

We meet the Customer and give them a free consultation and then customize the design per your thoughts. Once we take the order from you, we show prototype design to you and upon approval we build the kitchen and install it within 45 day of placing the order.

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